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Advice and Support


Tavake Pasifika Doctoral Society

Tavake Pasifika is a academic support group for doctoral students of Pacific descent. TPDS seeks to foster a sense of community by providing writing and research support, promoting cultural identity, offering mentorship and networking opportunities, facilitating skill-building workshops, and addressing the unique challenges faced by Pasifika students to support their overall well-being and academic success.


Pacific International Students

We offer pre-departure and arrival support to ensure a smooth adjustment to students new environment. Understanding the challenges of leaving home and studying in a foreign country, we are dedicated to helping students navigate this transition and achieve success in their academic pursuits. Partner with us to provide the necessary guidance and resources for your scholarship students.


Research Advisory

APEN offers expert research advisory services to foster meaningful collaboration between academic institutions and Pasifika communities. Our team provides tailored guidance to ensure research projects are culturally sensitive, community-driven, and impactful. We work closely with both researchers and community members to develop methodologies that respect and incorporate Pasifika perspectives and knowledge. By bridging the gap between academia and the community, we aim to produce research that not only advances scholarly understanding but also directly benefits Pasifika communities. 


Navigating post-school options

APEN is dedicated to helping Pasifika students navigate their post-school options with confidence and clarity. We provide support and guidance on higher education pathways, vocational training, and career opportunities. By connecting students with Pacific professionals across various institutions and industries, we foster strong networks and mentorship opportunities. This ensures that Pasifika youth are well-equipped to pursue their goals and achieve success in their chosen fields. 

Reach out to discuss the support or advice that you are looking for. 

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