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On the Fala with APEN

Welcome to our 'On The Fala' series, featuring the inspiring and passionate people who make APEN what it is.


On the Fala with Christine

As a first-generation Australian from Western Sydney, Christine is firmly committed to empowering marginalised communities through education. Her steadfast belief is that education is a powerful tool for effecting positive change, and she is dedicated to channelling her skills and experiences to make a tangible difference in the lives of those around her.


On the Fala with Dr Vaoiva-Natapu Ponton

Pacific Indigenous methodologies are close to my heart. They’re not just effective academically; they resonate well with our community’s social outcomes too."

Charlie_profile photo

On the Fala with Charlie

“I am a Pacific Islander migrant who did not learn how to speak English fluently until I was 10 years of age. I grew up in a low socioeconomic area and have personal experiences of the deep struggles associated with social and economic hardship."

Nash_profile photo

On the Fala with Nash

We speak to Memberships Officer, Nashwa Karafotias (Nash), about her passion for education, and her dreams of a more equitable future for minority groups.

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On the Fala with Pani

“The opportunity to genuinely give back and be able to guide and support Pasifika learners to thrive and realise their potential, achieve their goals, and be valuable contributors in their communities and society is truly rewarding.”

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On the Fala with Amanda

Meet with APEN Co-Chair Amanda Moors-Mailei and hear about her passions and what drives her, her APEN hopes and vision for the future.

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On the Fala with Bronwyn

“It’s not an easy job [working in education] and you must find ways to navigate your institution’s and community’s expectations to ensure the best outcomes.”

We chat with APEN's Co-Chair, Bronwyn Williams.

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