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Read more about the APEN governance structure and membership levels.

APEN welcomes members living in Australia with Pacific Island ancestry and heritage, and we seek diverse perspectives working together toward a common goal. The network commits to working collaboratively with Australian Indigenous and Pacific Indigenous Educator networks locally, regionally and globally.

While the network's key audience is Pasifika educators, academic, and professional staff - membership is open to non-Pasifika educators who seek to advocate for and learn from Pasifika.

The Executive Committee are dedicated Pasifika educators from across the country. We are teachers, school executives, university professors and professional staff, community educators and advocates with a common purpose and goal to champion Pasifika education and drive the network’s goals.

The role of the Reference Group is an advisory group or ‘sounding board’ to the Executive Committee. Reference Group members are Pasifika community leaders, Department of Education executives, University Senior Leadership executives and Pasifika education professionals. 

An APEN member is any person whom the Executive Committee grants membership. Members are Pasifika educators, academics, or professional and administrative staff in Australian education. Membership is also open to non-Pasifika educators who seek to advocate for and learn from Pasifika.

Pasifika woman smiling looking at camera
Diedre W_edited_edited.jpg

Deidre Williams

Deputy Co-Chair


Sepi Seuala


Esita Sogotubu_APENBW.jpg

Esita Sogotobu


Tala - APEN

Talalelei Tutaia


James Perez_APEN

James Ateli Perez

Public Officer

Charlie_profile photo BW

Executive Member


Dr Vaoiva Natapu-Ponton

Executive Member

Gemma Malungahu pic_edited.jpg

Dr Gemma Malungahu

Executive Member


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