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Registration & Networking Hour

9 AM

Check in to meet other Pasifika educators and build your network across the Australian education sector.

Opening Words

10 AM

Official Opening and Welcome. 
Acknowledgement of Country.

Keynote Speaker

10.05 AM

Innovating, engaging, and strengthening Pasifika Achievement

Exploring the central themes of the conference and the importance for Pasifika educators to proactively utilise these key principles in promoting Pasifika achievement. This includes deconstructing, decolonising, demonstrating and developing our space and place across educational landscapes within Australia and beyond.

Professor Jioji Ravulo

Workshop Sessions

10.20 AM

  • Negotiating the relational vā in the university.

  • Influencers weaving through a learners’ education journey.

  • Engaging Pasifika Learners in Australia.

  • Supporting success mindset for Pasifika students - a paradigm shift conversation.


10.50 AM

10 minute break

Workshop Sessions

11 AM

  • Navigating your Career Voyage.

  • Strengthening Pacific Indigenous approaches to research and learning.

  • The Partnership Paradox - partnership in co-curricular and extra-curricular programs and initiatives.

  • Disrupt the vā to Tauhi vā - disrupting spaces to create and maintain harmonious spaces/relationships.

Plenary Session

11.30 AM

Pasifika Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Strategies to support our own mental wellness as Pasifika educators. Highlights for a Talanoa Action Plan in Higher Education 2022 and beyond.  

Talanoa Session

11.50 AM

Thematic discussion on key points and takeaways.

Keynote Speaker

12.35 PM

Navigating the Vā in Education Research with Pasifika students in Australia. 

Addressing how education research with Pasifika students in Australian educational settings is reimagined through exploring the concept of Vā – a space that is relational which enables relationships to be established, nurtured and maintained and in turn, propositions for how Australian educational sectors and governing bodies can work collaboratively with Pasifika communities are discussed.  

Dr. Maryanne Pale

Final words

12.50 PM

Collective Action  Workshop.

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