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Lefaoali'i Dion Enari

Dr. Jacoba Matapo

Negotiating the relational vā in the university.

The global phenomenon has significantly disrupted economic, political and social  systems at all levels. For Pasifika people, the impact of Covid-19 has exacerbated inequities that have long existed within the order of capitalist and neo-liberal ideologies, including in higher education. This session will explore the resilience of Pasifika students, and the need to disrupt University systems with Indigenous knowledges.  

Tiana Hippolite 

Influencers weaving through a learners’ education journey.

Weaving is a practice observed across many cultures to create something that serves a purpose. Modern society often refer to the items produced from this practice as a form of art.  Let's further establish this practice and apply the techniques of weaving a kākahu (cloak) with an education context to represent and discuss the influences in a Pasifika learners education journey.  

Dr. David Lakisa 

Engaging Pasifika Learners in Australia.

Pasifika contribution in the workplace matters, particularly in teaching and learning classroom settings.  This interactive workshop aims to improve differentiated learning when working with Pasifika learners in an Australian context. 

Dave Folau

Supporting success mindset for Pasifika students-A paradigm shift conversation.

As educators, we unofficially and accidentally become the success mindset coaches to our students. The dialogue within the conversations or Talanoa between educators and students is crucial to a student's development and perception of a success mindset because everyone communicates, few connect. 

Esita Sogotubu

Navigating your Career Voyage.

This session will cover the key elements of navigating your career path and how you can use the same foundational principles to relate it to your students and their careers. It will include aspects of the Future of Work which thanks to the pandemic, is NOW. Esita will weave in stories on how we use our unique value as Pasifika people to "connect the dots" in our careers. 

Dr. Gemma Malungahu 

Strengthening Pacific Indigenous approaches to research and learning.

This workshop aims to provide a Pacific perspective on the processes of decolonising and indigenising research in academia. People who attend the session are welcome to share their own views and experiences contributing to a rich and engaging discussion.  

Moera Tufunga 

The Partnership Paradox - partnership in co-curricular and extra-curricular programs and initiatives.

The Talanoa Initiative at Western Sydney University creates organic engagement between Pasifika students and mental health by incorporating a cultural lens and relevance for students within a western context. This workshop will discuss how we can enhance the capacity, knowledge, and resilience of Pacific students to engage, recognise, understand, and manage their mental health and wellbeing through connection, partnership, and student co-design in Talanoa. 

Cathleen Hafu-Fetokai 

Disrupt the vā to Tauhi vā - disrupting spaces to create and maintain harmonious spaces/relationships.

This workshop will be delivered in two parts. A short presentation followed by meaningful Talanoa. The first half of the session will empower us to be critical of the vā/spaces we occupy as Pasifika parents, students, or practitioners in higher education. The second part of the workshop is an opportunity to Talanoa how to navigate the vā to create harmonious relationships for those we serve. 

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